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Payroll & Statutory

JL HR and Tech solutions are one of the finest, providing full-service payroll outsourcing. Small companies, as well as medium and big organizations, use our payroll services. With each passing day, a growing number of businesses are turning to payroll outsourcing providers like JL HR and Tech Solutions for help.

There are several advantages to choosing JL HR and Tech solutions, which demonstrate why payroll is so important.

Comprehensive End-to-End Services

JL HR and Tech solutions can provide complete payroll administration services, from monthly pay stubs to full and final payment.

Outsourcing Is A Wise Decision.

You can relax and focus on your main business operations by outsourcing your payroll to an experienced and dependable third-party payroll services provider like JL HR and Tech solutions. Proven Experience at your Service Every month, JL HR and Tech solutions create lakhs of payslips. This implies you have a payroll vendor who can successfully work with and for you.

Multi-Industry Sector Service

We offer payroll outsourcing services to businesses of all sizes. BFSI, FMCG, Manufacturing, Telecom, Entertainment, Institutions, and E-commerce are just a few examples. Customization is available for your industry.

The System That Is Adaptable

Our payroll system provides you with a variety of customizable choices, including the ability to compute variable pay, complicated pay structures, multiple salary revisions, and compatibility for most bank formats.

Long-Term Clients

JL HR And Tech is one of the few payroll outsourcing firms with a customer retention rate of over 98.9%. Clients that come to us stay with us for life because of our service and quality.

Technology Of Today

Our payroll data management system makes use of cutting-edge technology to provide you with a superior, completely automated payroll system that is 100% accurate and error-free.

Data Protection

The SSAE18 – Type II certification is met by our Payroll Processing System. Your sensitive and personal data and information is secure in our hands, thanks to our cutting-edge technology.

A Highly Motivated Workforce

The benefits of Jaivam life go beyond experience and practice to include people management. Our positive and lively corporate culture fosters a healthy work environment, ensuring that our human resources remain motivated and on top of their game at all times. Assuring that you have the best and most skilled individuals working for you at all times. As a single point of contact for all of your HR needs, JL Hr and tech solutions cannot only handle your payroll administration, but also provide the finest solution for your staffing, statutory compliance, HRMS, HR Consulting, Recruitment, and Training needs.

The state-of-the-art data center at JL HR and Tech assures the protection of data and information in any format. At all times, we ensure complete confidentiality of customer and staff information. We are able to meet our clients' needs.

Our Payroll Management System

Payroll services are provided in accordance with well-established SLAs and processes. Our dedication to delivery is simple to comprehend and verify. To handle your payroll outsourcing process, we use completely automated methods to eliminate the possibility of human error. We've made sure that our payroll processing meets all of the corporate government's requirements.

To ensure accuracy, we execute a multi-level process check that completely mitigates any errors. We have a robust quality assurance mechanism in place that includes pre-payroll validations and post-payroll Quality Assurance. So our process meets the highest quality service and achieves 100% accuracy – error-free. Our client retention rate of 98.9% makes us the best Payroll Outsourcing Services.

Quality Standards By Employees

We have a fantastic payroll staff that works for our clients and has years of expertise handling all of their payroll needs. Our employees stay with us for a long time because they love their work and the friendly workplace culture, which leads to process consistency. Our subject matter specialists are available to our clients to answer any questions they may have.

Our payroll management system was created with the goal of keeping your employees happy. We ensure that standards, government rules, and the tax system are followed. Employees of our clients are generally happy, and we keep them informed about their salaries, benefits, taxes, provident funds, and other aspects of payroll processing.

JL HR and Tech is your best choice for a safe and comprehensive payroll outsourcing solution in India that complies with all regulatory requirements. Hundreds of businesses have trusted us with their payroll processing, allowing them to focus on their main business. Our payroll system will keep you and your workers satisfied while allowing you to focus on your core company and expand.